Cosco Umbrella Stroller with Canopy, Dots – Reviews, Questions & Answers

Cosco Umbrella Stroller with Canopy, Dots (Prior Model)

Cosco Umbrella Stroller with Canopy, Dots (Prior Model) features

  • Canopy
  • Easy, compact, 3 dimensional umbrella fold
  • 3 point harness helps keep baby secure
  • Double foot break and footrest for comfort
  • Holds child up to 40 pounds

This Cosco umbrella stroller with canopy and a secure three point harness includes a variety of fun features, fashionable styling and packs easily for a trip to the park.

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Q:How tall are the handlebars (don’t need exact measurements – but are they awkwardly low like a lot of these can be?)


The handle bars on this stroller are low. I am 5’4 and it is difficult to push comfortably. It is very small and convenient to store. I bought it for a trip and found it was perfect for the airport and getting around the cobbled streets of San Juan. I don’t think I would use it as an everyday stroller because it is low, doesn’t get over bumps in the sidewalk well, and doesn’t have any storage.

Q:Can you take this on an aiplane? will it fit in the overhead bin? Thx.


It would probably would fit in an overhead bin, but my experience on airlines is that they would want you to check it at the boarding gate free of charge of course.

Q:Would this stellar go inside the airplane? I have a long trip with multiple stops and I have 8 months baby, any one has used it that way?


Yes it does.

Q:does this stroller have a strap to carry it on your shoulder?



Q:would this stroller make a good play stroller for a baby doll ? my granddaughters are tall and the toy ones are to short.


Probably, I’m 5’8 and the stroller is almost too short for me.

Q:Can I put a car seat on this stroller?



Q:Is the shade part adjustable?


It’s adjustable some what. It has levers that lock it in place. If you don’t lock it it opens less. But really, it’s just opened or closed. However, if you mean can the whole shade be moved forward more, no it can not. It’s attached in that location.

Q:Does this stroller recline?


No ;(